#MakeAnImpact Tour 2017

More Than 1 Way to make an impact


Wichita, KS, United States

Davis Integration Group takes America's health initiative to a more detailed and specified level for the entire family. We provide various fitness and lifestyle enhancement opportunities for the youth and adults. Real Results Fitness is strategically designed for all levels of fitness. RRF offers a variety of workshops, contest events and athletic – based training services in addition to powerful partnerships in the health and wellness industry. For the youth, Optimum Prep, USA has produced the most efficient approach in developing a well-equipped student- athlete. Guiding and mentoring these students – athletes to post-secondary opportunities and professional advancement.

DIG on the GO!

Upcoming Dates

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  • March 1st - 5th Impact Visit Detroit, MI 

  • March 8th - 10th Impact Visit Lake Charles, LA
  • April 4th - 6th  Impact Visit Wichita, Ks
  • April 4th National Impact Day
  • April 10th - 12th Impact Oklahoma City, OK
  • April 13th - 14th Impact Visit Lawton, OK
  • April 17th - 19th Impact Visit Salt Lake City, UT
  • April 20th - 21st Impact Visit Denver, CO
  • April 24th - 25th Impact Visit Lincoln, NE
  • April 26th - 27th Impact Visit Kansas City, MO
  • May 1st - 2nd Impact Visit Cleveland, OH
  • May 3rd - 4th Impact Visit Cincinnati, OH
  • May 8th - 9th Impact Visit Richmond, VA
  • May 10 - 11th Impact Visit Baltimore, MD
  • May 15th - 17th Impact Visit Houston, TX
  • May 18th - 19th Impact Visit Dallas, TX
  • June 20th San Diego, CA
  • June 21st Sacramento, CA
  • June 22nd Los Angeles, CA
  • June 23rd Oakland, CA

DIG has been operating since 2012.  Working with youth, health and wellness, as well as the sports and Entertainment Industry.  We have worked within 17 states and put in over 25,000 + hours of community service, impacting roughly 1,000 kids per year.  We live by the mantra, "More Than One Way To Make An Impact!"