#MakeAnImpact Tour 2017

More Than 1 Way to make an impact


Wichita, KS, United States

Calcasieu Parish school system would like to express our interest and excitement to be involved with the #MakeAnImpact Tour ’17 circuit. We appreciate your interest in this community and the time and effort you have planned for our students. We are hopeful that this program will prove to be long-lasting, first-class, and have a direct impact on our potential student-athletes in our Parish. 
Our Superintendent has approved DIG to go into all of our schools to allow our students to bring information home to their parents inviting them to a weekend expose, featuring past college and professional athletes. We are looking forward to a great weekend of National and local exposure, community enrichment, and a commitment to promoting a healthy initiative to our Parish youth. 
Robert Pete

Administrative Director of High Schools

​​Calcasieu Parish School Board

I first met Ron we talked about my soccer career and the types of workouts I should be doing to stay fit. From there I knew he was a very knowledgeable man in the field of fitness. After a while, I realized I needed to take my game to another level and the first person that I thought of was Ron. Not just because I knew he knew what he was doing but that he seemed like an honest, intelligent, and dedicated person, and as I got to know him better I found that he was just that.

We began to go to the gym almost daily together. He slowly worked me in and showed me the ropes. Attributes such as leadership integrity and being understanding helped me adjust faster than ever. All of this is great but what sets Ron apart from other athletes is his sheer dedication and his willingness no matter the circumstances. If it is cold outside, he won’t hesitate to go on a run; if he is tired he will get up and train. There is no limit for Ron because he never has an excuse for anything. And for this reason, exactly I admire him and strive to be more hard working and dedicated like him.

As an athlete, Ron is outstanding and is top class. Times when we would be in the gym and we would stop to watch some of the highlights of the previous day's football game I could see the passion in his eyes. He is a man that wants to be successful more than anyone I know, and for this reason, I know he will be successful

Rafael Fagundo

Wake Forest University, Men's Soccer

My son Tommy Tellez started training with Ron three years ago at the age of 16, three times a week for a minimum of six months in each year. It has truly been a treasure to watch my son’s athletic abilities improve by a minimum of 50%.  Ron’s techniques of lifting weights, football drills calisthenics and swimming has certainly contributed to my son’s success on the field and off. Though my son’s complained at times of muscle aches, that the drills were tough it was amazing how he looked forward to his next session with eagerness to raise to the next level was simply a tribute to Ron’s methods. Basically, put a whole new perspective on working out not to mention the discipline understanding of what it takes to prepare for the game.

Ron’s is as genuine as they come, trustworthy and most of all dedicated to the success of the individual.  Our family wish Ron all the success in his new endeavor and would happy to consult with any individual interested is techniques of training.


Thomas J Tellez
Anita's New Mexico-Style Foods, Inc.
521 East Maple Avenue
Vienna, VA 22180

Davis Integration Group has worked with all of my children.  It doesn’t matter if they are working with my 7-year-old or my teenager; the skills they teach and reinforce are individually based on where the child is developmental.  Not only does that mean a lot to me as their mother but also to my children, as it keeps them engaged with the activities they are expected to perform.    I have been only impressed with the way Ronald and his team interact with my children; they are very hands on not just standing on the sidelines with a whistle.  They lead by example and are happy to get involved to make the activities more fun for all the kids. The focus of Davis Integration Group is not only performing better at a physical level but also to perform better in life in general.  At one of the recent camps that were held by DIG, Wichita Police Officers were invited to come and speak with the children about life after being an athlete. They really inspired all of my children. 

Adina Gregory


Great Bend Regional Hospital

The DPSCD Office of Athletics would like to express our excitement to be involved with the #MakeAnImpact Tour ’17 circuit. We appreciate your knowledge and expertise to assist us with educating our young scholar-athletes for next level success and commitments.  K-8 Athletic Director, Edward Tomlin and I are truly anticipating this collaborative program to prove to be a long-lasting, first-class platform that will once again help to strengthen our status as one of the country’s top talent-producing high school leagues, and will also lead to more of our scholar-athletes being afforded the opportunity to attend various colleges/universities; after being duly prepared academically, athletically, nutritionally and socially. 
Your support and collaboration with the Detroit Public School League are very precious to the future and direction of our scholar-athletes and programs.  As we move forward, know that we already have buy-in support of the district’s central office, including our nutritional division and DPSCD Police Department.  As we enlist buy-in from all involved administrators, coaches, scholar-athletes, parents and supportive partners, we highly recommend the Make an Impact Tour to other districts and communities of all sizes as this can benefit and create a greater boost of excitement for all student – athletes from the experience. 
On behalf of the Detroit Public School League of Proud Strong Learners, we again personally thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to share the knowledge from one of the premiere events/programs in the country.   

Alvin L. Ward

Deputy Executive Director

Office of Athletics Detroit Public Schools Community District

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club would like to extend thanks and gratitude for inviting out some of our summer campers to participate in the Sports and Agility Camp. Our campers gained valuable insight and feedback into proper techniques for running, sprinting and agility movement. There were so many strong points that were observed such as: including age-appropriate communication of instructions, various forms of motivation, a fun atmosphere for learning and explanation of the skills taught in relation to athleticism in sports. Camp staff and volunteers were polite and inviting throughout the camp. I believe each of the campers benefited from the instruction and participation.  
During the transition to and from camp, friendly competition and challenges were discussed between campers so it was obvious they were enjoying themselves. Several campers and parents were asking questions about when the next camp would be held, why it was two days only and if they could pay for sessions? 
Director we have been invited to participate and attend many camps over the years. What I personally witnessed when I attended for the second day was a first class effort of heart packed with professionalism by Ronald Davis and his team. Even in the hot sun, our young people thrived to learn and welcomed the intense activities and feedback.  
Thank you for the seeds that you sowed Ronald by taking your time, energy and resources to train and impact the lives of our summer campers. I am so grateful that we were able to participate and take advantage of what was offered.  
My only regret as a Director is that more young people and youth agencies in the City of Richmond did not take advantage of what was afforded to our Boys and Girls Club members. However, if given the opportunity to do it again in Richmond, I will do my best to do more to increase the level of participation so that others can benefit. They would have loved it! 
We look forward to participating future camps. 

Hugh Jones

Executive Director

Salvation Army